Permanent artwork created specifically for The International Criminal Court, in The Hague in the Netherlands. Commissioned by the Danish Art Foundation.
The sculpture consists of a series of long wooden bands reaching out from either end of the space. The wooden bands come together in
the center, forming an intimate, cylindrical space. The main purpose of the artwork was to span the length of the elongated void above
the reception desk with a sculptural, dynamic object that hovers in the foyer’s space as a generous gesture – reaching out and gathering,
in one flowing movement, the restricted footbridges leading into the main court room – one for the defense and one for the prosecution,
and conjoining these with the public entrance hall. The spectator can look through – and into – the cylinder from above and below, thus
emphasizing a situation of openness between the ICC as criminal court, above, and the ICC as public institution, on the ground.

Ash, copper, smoked oak, stainless steel, 150 x 1200 x 250 cm, 2015

Photo by Stamers Kontor and Adam Mørk