Through the years Eske Rex has developed a body of work where practices from architecture, art, design and craft are intertwined and unfolded within sculpture and installation. The works of art stems despite their clear and ethereal expression therefore from a more complex origin.


They often take their point of departure in one or two main materials, that are then worked to the limits of its inherent ability; fabric is stretched and wood split to the point of breach and their primary characteristics are laid bare in the demonstration of the condensed definite matter. Simple and stylistic they are cleaned and processed of excess elements which gives space for you to concentrate on experiencing those materials which the works are made of. Of the same reason the works gives of what can be refer to as a found poetic silence in their presence. They are carried by a conceptual idea, the materials and the craftmanslike layer, and are decidedly discursive in their analogue and apolitical statements. It has the effect of a paradoxal experience of both touching contemporary arts present fetichism with materiality, and that the poetic and timeless aesthetic at the same time sets the work outside any given time.


Extract from text by arthistorian Nina Wöhlk, 2015