Assembled with two towers, each of which has its own swinging pendulum set in motion by hand, and with a common focal point articulated in the tip of a ballpoint pen, “nature’s” strokes are being transferred onto the paper in calm, uniform and circular movements, and constitute the Drawing Machine. In series of drawings like ‘Fibonacci series’, ‘Blue to Red’ and ‘Black, Blue, Red, Green’, the Drawing Machine examines options for making continuous drawings, sequences of layers and transitions from monochrome to polychrome drawings. Two alternative drawing machine versions have been built on the same principle. A smaller version was constructed in 2011 specially layered drawings (fibonacci series). And an upscaled version called “Grinder” was built in 2010. Whereas Drawing Machine operates with pen on paper, the idea behind Grinder was to cut di- rectly into a material or even into the surface of the exhibition space, consequently leaving a permanent mark.


Drawing Machine (1). Wood, metal, venyl, paper, ballpen. 310 x 600 x 600 cm, 2009.

video and stills by Joseph Barnett, 2011
















Drawing Machine (Layering) by Joseph Barnett

Drawing Machine (Drawing) by Joseph Barnett















Grinder. Metal, wood, oilbarrels with sand, grinder. 600 x 600 x 600 cm. 2010