Created site-specifically for Koldinghus Castle, Retrium was part of the “Zimmer Frei” group exhibition. Installed in the royal castle’s conspicuous south wing, the work occupied a place in the middle of the renovated hall which, after a fire in 1808, left the castle in ruins. The piece fashions a silo of wood, held together by rods of black steel and sturdy iron fastenings, arranged in the manner of barbed wire around the rotunda. The wood has been scorched on one side; this serves to darken the interior of the rotunda, while the outer side displays the spruce battens’ original light-colored nuances, and the work thus refers to both the fire and the place’s history as a fortification.

Spruce wood charred on the inside, metal thread, 415 x 200 x 200 cm, 2014

Photo by Eske Rex